Penelope Gilbert and the Children of Azure


When 13 year-old Penelope Gilbert accidentally transforms into a stapler during math class, she’s sure she’s going crazy. But she’s not imagining the men in black suits now patrolling the halls at school, nor is she imagining the new substitute teacher who orders the class to take a special new test. A test that requires blood. Hunted for her powers, and torn from the life she knows, Penny is swept up into a world in the clouds where magic meets machine and pirates rule the sky.

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Thomas Templeton and the Whispers of Branson Manor

Following their parents’ sudden disappearance, Thomas and his two sisters are forced to live with their aunt Gertrude, a woman who treats them like servants and feeds them grey gruel. Thomas has only vague memories of the night his parents vanished, and the memories haunt his dreams: an old mansion, a game of hide and seek, and panicked screaming.

After overhearing their aunt’s plans to split them up, the siblings run away and journey to the site of the abandoned family mansion looking for clues to their parent’s disappearance. Soon after they arrive, messages warning them to get out and terrifying apparitions make it clear that someone or something doesn’t want them there.

Hidden in the brick fireplace, they find an old diary that helps them uncover the history of the house and leads them to a long kept town secret. With yet another disappearance, the children must work quickly to stop the sinister force before they become the next victims of Branson Manor.