Plot Bunnies

If you aren’t familiar with the term plot bunnies, it basically means an idea that wont go away and must be written. Plot bunnies, like real bunnies, often duplicate and they lead to more and more plot bunnies and great ideas.


Well it occurred to me today, that mine are more like plot gremlins. They seem like a good idea at first.


Cute, right?

But once they start replicating, and I work on the ideas after midnight, they get out of control and soon I just want to throw them in a blender.


This week I’ve been trying to refine the plot points in my book and get them to make sense and mesh well with book one. I’m about 14,000 word in and today I’m realizing those cute furry ideas have officially turned into mischievous troublemakers.

It’s really difficult, because my perfectionist side wants this book to come out just right. Not too much exposition, just enough description, and plenty of action. But since I am not a planner, this can be really hard to achieve. Sometimes the plot gets away from me and I end up spending way to much time one one thing, and not enough on another. Or I just plain get stuck and decide to write a silly post about gremlins instead of trying to sort it out. I sure hope I can get these guys under control soon. Even if they are gremlins, they are my gremlins and I believe they are still good deep down.

Wish my luck guys! I’m about to dive back in.



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