Chocolate Cake and Lessons from Roald Dahl

Got my line edits turned in to my editor today! I think there is just one more round of edits after this, which is a good thing because I am getting a wee bit sick of my own novel… I feel a little like poor Bruce Bogtrotter from Matilda. If you haven’t read this book yet, I highly recommend reading it or at least watching the movie. It’s by my favorite author, Roald Dahl.

In the story, Bruce sneaks a piece of chocolate cake, so the evil Miss Trunchbull makes him eat a whole huge chocolate layer cake in front of the assembly at school. When he eats the first piece, he doesn’t seem to mind too much. Chocolate cake? Yeah, why not? But then the cook brings out the rest, and after awhile he doesn’t look so good.

(Movie) Matilda (1996) (©™) .avi_snapshot_00.41.01_[2012.11.19_18.56.27]

Editing is not difficult in small quantities. Not as good as chocolate cake of course, but it can be fun. After the third forth or fifth read through though, I find myself relating to this feeling. Uhhh, so much cake… I mean, editing.

But right when Bruce looks like he’s about to explode, something amazing happens. The other students start cheering for him and chanting his name. Bruce takes on that cake with a renewed enthusiasm, and against all odds, he vanquishes the chocolate beast. He is triumphant and all the students cheer!


You inspire me Bruce. If you can do it, so can I. This whole writing journey really has been a lesson in determination and trying to beat the odds, and that’s one of the main themes throughout Matilda.

Of course, Trunchbull is furious with Bruce for beating her and smashes the cake platter over his head. Then he lets out an enormous burp. Not sure how that applies, but not all analogies are perfect. In any case, I am getting really close to finishing my literary cake. Just a few more mouthfuls of  misplaced commas and typos to devour!


One thought on “Chocolate Cake and Lessons from Roald Dahl

  1. Wanda Luthman says:

    I love chocolate cake! But, yes, too much is not so fun. I can’t say I love editing but I do love my new and improved work when it’s done. Keep the eye on the prize! Thank you for the analogy for my next edit.

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