Cover art coming soon…

Greetings! I have a few updates to report to my loyal and devoted followers (all two of you last time I checked, with one of them being me.)  I announced some great news on Facebook last week that I want to share here as well. It has been a dream of mine for quite a while that somehow my husband Chad might be able to use his artistic talents to create either a cover, or illustrations for my book. Deep down I didn’t think this could actually happen unless I self-published my novel. Once I signed with a publisher, I resigned myself to the idea it was just a pipe dream.

One evening, after talking to Chad about a few ideas I had in mind for a cover, he decided to give designing it a shot. I hadn’t spoken to the publisher about the idea, but even though it could mean all the work might be for nothing, he still wanted to try. For many nights he drew and re-drew the front cover until it was just right. The result was amazing and even better than I imagined! So then it came down to the moment of truth… showing it to the publisher.

I typed up what I’m sure was a rambling mess to Stephanie Taylor the owner of Clean Reads. Then I attached the picture, held my breath, and hit send. Within seconds a reply was in my inbox. She loved it, and could he remove a small line she didn’t like. Well of course he could! I had him remove that line so good all the other lines are still shaking in fear. I couldn’t believe it! My dream. Our dream. Chad’s art is going to be on the cover of my book! I’m still smiling about it and it’s been a week. I can’t wait to show it to everyone. Stay tuned for a cover reveal! Soon, very soon.

Things are moving quickly. I just got assigned an editor for content edits. I have an editor! How cool is that? Maybe even cooler, she gave me a deadline. I had a writing deadline. Seems so official and grownuppy doesn’t it? Just for fun I told Chad, “Yeah, my editor is breathing down my neck.”


It sounded awesome when I said it out loud, trust me. I’ve already gone through the first round of edits. I expected these to be the most lengthy, but they were quick and painless. Now I’m waiting on the next round which will hopefully go just a smooth.



2 thoughts on “Cover art coming soon…

  1. kyloria says:

    It really is all going so quickly now! Actual deadlines, your first editor…. wow!!!
    I’m so curious to see Chad’s work. I can’t wait for the big reveal! 😀
    Hoping with you that the next editing round goes just as smoothly!


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