I finally got my pre-edits done for Penelope Gilbert and the Children of Azure! These are the edits that the publisher recommends to all authors to save time before they get assigned to an official editor. It includes things like removing excess use of your character names, excess pronouns, removing unnecessary adverbs and commonly overused words like really and very, making sure each sentence in each paragraph begins with a different word, and formatting the manuscript to certain specifications.

I had to read through the silly thing several times to hit all these points and I’m sure I still missed a few changes I could have made. To give you an idea how much I cut out, here are some stats (don’t you just love stats?)

The word “Very”  -37 times

The word “Really” -64 times

Misc. words: -78

The name “Crane”-131 times

The name “Penny” -293 times

Adverbs: -754

That makes a grand total of 1357 words removed!

Whew! You are welcome future editor assigned to my piece. hqdefault


So now the waiting game begins. After I’m assigned to an editor I work with them to do three more rounds of edits. First they edit for content, then line edits, followed by proofing and a final galley read through. According to the publisher, the whole process usually takes about 3 months. That means it could be out as early as September! For now I plan on getting some work done on the next book in the series.




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