Time Capsule

I wanted a spot where I could really concentrate on writing, so Chad helped me get an area in our room ready. While we were cleaning, I ran across an old purse of mine still stuffed with various bits of junk I was too busy (or lazy) to go through at the time I switched to a new purse.

At first I dreaded the idea of going through it, but as I pulled out old gum wrappers and dried out make up, I discovered a few fun pieces of my past. It was like a time capsule buried in the bottom of the closet, waiting to be uncovered.

imageFrom left to right: Paint chips from when we first moved into our house after we got married, a movie ticket and 3D glasses from the movie we saw at universal on our honeymoon, a to-do list of all the things that needed to be done before the wedding, and a paper of me practicing writing Emily Steward either before or right after we got married.

It was so cool to uncover this nearly 8 year old capsule from such a fun, exciting time in my life. A lot has happened since then, both good and not so good. But even our most difficult moments have been full of love and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I highly recommend everyone bury a full purse or wallet in your closet for eight years. It’s really facinating!


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